This is the project blog for Enhancing Linnean Online, a JISC-funded project being undertaken by the University of London and the Linnean Society of London.

Enhancing Linnean Online will methodically explore key themes set out in the recent Enhancing Sustainability of Digital Collections Strand of JISC Call 16/11, identifying and implementing a range of enhancements to the existing Linnean Online Collections.

The project runs from 1st Feb 2012 - 30th November 2012. It will inverstigate and evaluate the digital resource collection across several key areas, developing metrics for how that value could be demonstrated and describing how a set of planned enhancements will improve, increase and exploit that value. The project will engage closely with the curators of the Linnean Online Collections and the user community (researchers in life sciences, conservation and taxonomy) and measure the perceptions of value among the stakeholder community, before and after a set of enhancements to the service have been implemented.

The evaluation methodology will dreive metrics and models from existing digital preservation toolkits developed in the JISC digital preservation  community, and select enhancements from prior projects of the JISC repositories, resource discovery and digital preservation programmes.